One Mile = Two Smiles

Competing in the Ironman Emilia-Romagna to fundraise for orphan children in Meki, Ethiopia


Ironman4Meki fundraises to build teams that help achieve dreams

Qello, orphan child from Meki, dreams of becoming a doctor. Patrik's dream is to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Both use every free minute to get one step closer to their dream. Though the effort of everyday life of an orphan child in Meki and the effort for the preparation for an Ironman race are individual efforts, we believe that you only achieve your goal with the support of a team.

With this idea, we want to fundraise €28.000 so 280 orphan children (€5.000 for 50 children to start with) in Meki have access to education, medical assistance and nutrition through the Orphan and Vulnerable Children program of the Fundación Pablo Horstmann and can pursue their dreams of a better future.


Each orphan, like Qello, needs a team to make dreams come true

Occupation girl - Ignacio_Marin-19.jpg

Running 140 miles to provide
for 280 orphans.


Team Meki

Orphan children require a team to support them in reaching their goals. Here you can find out how such a team looks like for Qello, a girl which is already supported by the Fundación Pablo Horstmann.


Team Emilia-Romagna

In order for Patrik to reach his goal and succeed, he needs the support of many other people. The team behind him does not only include his family and friends but many more. Here you can find out who is playing an integral part in Team Emilia-Romagna.