Team Emilia-Romagna



Patrik, Triathlete

Patrik will compete in the Ironman Emilia-Romagna this year. He has always been an avid sportsman and is currently finishing his bachelor degree in London. Before triathlon, he has competed in other runs and obstacle course races.


Rosalie, sister

Rosalie is part of the fundraising team and helped to create this website. Moreover, she loves to play football and, therefore, accompanies Patrik on his runs.


Sylvia, Mother and NUTRITIONIST

Apart from being Patrik’s mother and providing maternal advice for everything in general, Sylvia supports the preparation with her knowledge about nutrition.


Maike, Coach

Maike is a certified triathlon trainer and the brain behind Patrik's preparation. She has competed in all kinds of traithlons up to the Ironman distance.


Pascal, Physiotherapist

When joints hurt, knees crack and muscles are sore, Pascal is the guy to go to. He is a sports-focused physiotherapist that knows everything about how to improve recovery and prevent injury.