Team Meki

Qello is representative for orphan children that receive support from Fundación Pablo Horstmann's Orphan and Vulnerable Children program. On this page you will get to know her and each team member that allows her to pursue her dream.



Qello, Orphan Child

Qello is a 13 year old orphan girl that already receives support from the Orphan and Vulnerable Children program of the Fundación Pablo Horstmann. There are many more children like her that could pursue their dreams with the right team.


Host Family

Each orphan child is placed into a prior assessed host family that will take care of the orphan. Each family is thoroughly assessed and then introduced to the orphan child. Both the orphan child and the family are in constant communication with the Foundation.


Social Assistant

The social assistant helps the orphan child deal with difficult situations and is always available for the support of the child next to its host family. Each orphan child gets its own social assistant and the assistants are professionally educated.



Sanitary Assistant

In order for the orphan child to be able to pursue its dream, it needs to be healthy. The Orphan and Vulnerable Children Program of the Foundation supports each child with a sanitary assistant apart form the social assistant.